Being human

Ignore the Qatar World Cup

After some consideration I’ve decided that I’m going to take no notice at all of the World Cup in Qatar this autumn. Here’s just a few of the reasons: Corruption:If anyone believes an organization as corrupt as FIFA managed to hold a fair and clean bidding process, they’re mental. – smoke without fire? Doubt it. […]

Fear of the police

This morning I read this article in the Guardian about Justin Trudeau taking the knee at an anti-racism rally. The sentence that literally made me stop reading and think, was this: “Far too many Canadians feel fear and anxiety at the sight of law enforcement officers,” Trudeau told reporters. How do I feel when I […]

Back to normal?

No. No thanks. Normal means going back to: too much traffic pollution too much traffic noise too many flights [looks pointedly/guiltily at self] hedge funds evicting poeple from their homes because they’re not paying “market value” rent companies firing people because the alternative is giving them a permanent contract not talking about a Universal Basic […]

Supermarkets – EN v ES

So I was in the UK earlier this year and it never ceases to amaze me the sheer quantity of products available in the supermarkets, in Tesco especially. There is usually an entire (really long) aisle dedicated to just sweets and chocolates. Another for cakes and biscuits. There is also an astonishing amount of “TV […]

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